Everette Walker

name I have had Ulcerative Colitis for a very long time now. I had suffered through unpleasant rectal bleeding and blood in my stool for the majority of of my adult life. Subsequently I decided to go to my health practitioner and found out I had Ulcerative Colitis. I composed this blog to bring awarness to the importance of going to the physician even if you just have a little blood in your stool or discomfort when you go to the bathing room. It might be severe. I created a website that you can view by http://www.i-have-blood-in-my-stool.com/ to see it. Join the discussion board if you can!


12th May 2010
I have also been going through stomach ache on my correct aspect. It really is a really razor-sharp discomfort, like currently being stabbed with a knife, does that have everything to do using the blood in my feces? Without the need of an ano-rectal exam,... Read >